Hate Sex – Billy Storm & Sidda Lee Rain

If you haven’t read any of Sidda Lee Rain books, you just haven’t lived. I have been a fan of Sidda since The Dirty Denim Series and The Crooked E Ranch Series. This girl knows her Cowboys and what her Cowboys like. But With this new book Hate Sex We are dealing with a different ball game. 

No rough and tough Cowboys but definitely some rough and and tough alpha males who know what they like and are not afraid to go after it. Little did they know that when they met Skye Blake they would be in for a ride with her sassy, smart mouth. Skye can give just as well as she can take. There won’t be any man handling of this little lady, or would there be.  

What I like about Sidda is she writes about real people. Not everyone is a size zero and the people in her books can be related to.  I think we all have been in Skye shoes at least one time in our lives. 




Sacked – Jen Frederick

SACKED - Jen Frederick

I  have been a fan of Jen Frederick since the release of Undeclared (Book 1), Woodlands Series.  The day each book is released I read it cover to cover, can’t put it down. With the release of Sacked (Book 1), Gridiron Series, she got me again.

Knox and Ellie had me from the opening words. Knox was confident without being cocky, cute, sexy and sweet. He knew his direction in life and where he was going. The fact that he was a virgin made him even more attractive.  He was hot for Ellie from the word go and once he decided she was his, he didn’t let anything hold him back, while managing to be a little gun-shy at the same time. He was exactly who she needed. Ellie was confident in all areas except those that involved her family. The way she and her brother Jack held each other down and were always there for each other, in the face of their parents emotional and verbal abuse; how they had each other’s back and selflessly supported each other without stifling one another was a great story line on its own.

Sacked was sweet, sexy, funny, and even tugged at the heart-strings a little. It’s a must read. Jen Frederick has hit another out of the park and I can’t want to see who gets the next story in the Gridiron Series.

Happy Reading!!!