Dirty English – Ilsa Madden-Mills


I’m not sure what draws me to these college love stories lately, but if written with enough grit and struggle, I’m a total sucker for them lately. Dirty English is another that grabbed me and @ilsamaddenmills hit it out of the park for me.

Elizabeth Bennett and Declan Blay, new neighbors, never should have noticed each other much less fallen for each other, however,  I loved their story. Elizabeth has a “reputation” on campus due to her one-night stand policy, which stems from something in her past, and Declan is a gritty underground fighter with a romantic nature. They shouldn’t make sense together, but they make absolute sense together.

Declan’s brother Dax has you rooting for his story to come next, and Elizabeth’s friends Blake and Shelley have a story to tell as well.

Dirty English is my introduction to Ilsa Madden-Mills, and I’m looking forward to her becoming one of my favorites.