Jockblocked – the story of Matty and Lucy, #2 in the Gridiron series. @jenfrederick has done it again!

Lucy and Matty (who is being pushed to be captain of the defense for the Warriors), meet at The Brew Place, the campus coffee shop she works at. When he attempts to flirt with her, she won’t give him the time of day. She is aware of who he is and, based on her pact with Ace (her best friend who is also the QB), won’t give him the time of day. He works pretty hard at getting her attention; puts in a lot of effort to prove that he wants more from her than one night and eventually wins her over. Matty is under a lot of pressure from his coach to convince Ace to step down as QB and take another position on the team. Once he realizes that she’s Ace’s friend this becomes somewhat of an issue for them.

Lucy is overly cautious about everything in life due to her health issues. No decision is made without a complete risk analysis being done. Until meeting Lucy, Matty enjoys all the perks of his football status. Ace, is Lucy’s best friend and Matty’s friend/teammate, who made her promise to stay away from all football players and he evoked the girlfriend/sister rule with his teammates to convince them to stay away from her. While he’s busy keeping her away from other guys and other guys away from her, he is the man-whore of all man-whores while secretly being in love with her.

Jockblocked doesn’t feel rushed, draws you in and is yet another title from Jen Frederick that is an absolute must read. When I finished it, I already wanted to know who was getting the next story. Can’t wait for the next release in the Gridiron series!

Happy reading!!