Act of Obsession By KC Lynn


KC Lynn has blown us away again with another number one book!!! Who knew one act of kindness would turn into one of the biggest mistake of her life.

Lia (Sophie) can’t run fast enough, Every time she turns her head she thinks she sees him, How far can she really run before its time to stop and fight.

Lia is new to Sunset Bay and trying to keep a low profile, she doesn’t want to add any attention to her self, because how long will she truly be here anyways. Until she meets Kolan the retired EFC Champ who offers to teach Lia self defense classes after hours. Kolan ┬áhas a rough exterior and does not trust easily nor does he EVER give control over to any one. As we learned in the previous Acts of Honor Series Kolan has not always had it easy and will do what every it takes to protect the ones that he loves and cares about. Kolan knows Lia is hiding something and he is going to do what ever it takes to find out what that is and how to earn her trust, but will he learn to trust here. Join Kolan and Lia as they learn what it means to trust, and to believe in someone and trust in each other.

KC Lynn has knocked it out of the park with this one, Although I do have to say that I have not read one of her books that disappoints. Every book she writes brings you in, and makes you feel like you are right there with them. Whether you have read her books before or this is the first one you definitely will not be disappointed. Happy Reading!!!



Roar – Kallypso Masters

Kristoffer Roar Larson lost his wife in a horrible accident. Losing the love of his life, he shuts himself off from developing relationships of any sort. Not living life, just going through the motions and keeping himself locked in his cocoon. Enter Pamela Jeffrey, plastic surgeon/humanitarian, whom he initially meets at a business meeting. Kristoffer doesn’t really notice her though, until he sees her while touring a BDSM Academy he’s scouting for his cousin/employer who is thinking about buying it. While working together on a different project for his cousin, they begin to get to know each other, and feelings that were long dormant in Kristoffer come to life. He begins acknowledging to himself that he wants more, and wants it with Pamela.

Pamela has been searching for herself and what she wants from a relationship after a failed long-term relationship. She’s expressive, open and outgoing, but has a call to serve and doesn’t always put herself first. While she knows she wants to be a sub, she’s not sure what kind of sub she wants to be. They enter into an agreement where he agrees to train her for a future Dom, and in the midst of their training they begin to fall for each other.

 The heart wrenching tale of Kristoffer Larson and his road to love and a D/s relationship with Pamela Jeffrey definitely made me shed a tear or two. My heart bled for them and rejoiced for them. I have never wanted to see a couple work out more. Once I started reading Roar, I couldn’t sleep until I was done. 

Having read every book in Kallypso’s Rescue Me Saga, I couldn’t resist reading this stand alone. Her stories are always emotional and although I always say I can’t handle the emotional reads,  as a matter of fact I avidly avoid them, I can’t seem to stay away from hers. She’s an amazing writer who draws me in no matter what.

Filthy English


The much anticipated, tale of Dax Blay. Dax Blay is in his home town of London to help his cousin, rocker, Spider, get clean so he can get back out on tour with his band. Remi Montague, is in London on her honeymoon, only she has her best friend, Lulu, with her due to her groom breaking up with her two weeks before the wedding. Dax and Remi meet in a club named Masquerade where masks are worn. There is instant heat and attraction between them and as identities are revealed, not only do they know each other from school, Whitman University, they have history together. Remi’s freshman year they spent three nights together and some things went down and she ran from him subsequently getting into a relationship with someone else (the hated groom).

Remi and Dax have this crazy heat and chemistry between them, but it’s decided that based on their history he can’t be her rebound guy and would be better off trying to forge a friendship. Of course that doesn’t last and the very next night finds them sharing some steamy time together again. Dax is protecting his heart and Remi is protecting hers, but after this night together, they both have admitted (albeit to themselves) that they still have feelings for each other and want to address it. Meanwhile Dax goes out to get breakfast and the wayward groom shows up throwing a wrench into this budding second-chance romance.

In the spirit of not giving too much away, I will say that Dax is the complicated character we all knew he would be after meeting him in Dirty English. Remi is the torn girl protecting her heart, and a secret, that we all want to beat up because she’s so undecided. She’s lived her life according to a plan she came up with about what her perfect life would be like and she’s so boring. Dax is the only thing she’s ever done that strayed from her plan. I was fine with her and could even handle her torn feelings about Dax, until she actually considered giving the jerk groom a second chance. When the secret she kept is revealed, it feels rushed. There are no angry feelings on his part that are delved into and even when it’s touched on, that’s it. No angry feelings from him towards her, no emotions really other than him running away because he doesn’t want to get hurt. He’s afraid to love because of the loss of his mother.

Okay now that’s all out of the way, I will say that I was so happy to finally have Dax’s story. I may wish that there was a more involved story and that there was a bit more character/story development, but that’s me. Ilsa told the story the way she saw it and I can appreciate that. Dax wasn’t the angsty character that Declan was. He didn’t have the hatred towards his dad that Declan did and he wasn’t driven by any demons. Just a young adult trying to figure out where he fit in the world and what he wanted to do with his life. I respect that she stayed true to her vision of his story.

I love Ilsa’s writing and am already looking forward to whatever she has coming next.