Erin Watt

Erin Watt is back it it y’all. Cover reveal for the next book!!!! Click on the title to go to the page. 

When It’s Real
Due out May 30th!!!!


Denim and LaceĀ 

Diana Palmer’s Denim and Lace is a story I read the first time as a teenager, originally written under the name Diana Blayne. As a teen, sneaking this book out of my mother’s stash so I could read under the blankets with a flashlight, made it seem naughty and I loved it. Re-reading it as an adult not so much.  Based completely on misunderstandings, assumed unrequited love, and emotional tug of war the drama of this story was not so enjoyable this time around. However, I still love Diana Palmer and will continue to read everything she puts out.