Backhand (Gold Hockey 2) – Elise Faber


Mike Stewart, is introduced to us in Blocked, Stefan and Brit’s story. When we first meet him, he is rude, disrespectful, sabotaging, and doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone, even if it means ruining his own career as a a great NHL defenseman. By the end of Blocked we want to know his back story.  
In this second installment of the Gold Hockey series, we learn that Sara Jetty, former Olympic figure skater is his back story. They’ve let 10 years pass with no contact due to horribly unfortunate circumstances in both of their lives. As they re-enter each other’s lives, getting together as a couple happens pretty quickly. At first this was confusing because, well, they let 10 years go with no contact at all!!! As more and more of their story is revealed it makes sense and makes you root for them.

Elise Faber does a great job of writing the story to keep you reading because this is not a book where you can guess what happened in their past, or the drama that will come. You HAVE to keep reading to get it. She draws you in to both characters and makes you want to protect them. She has you rooting for them all the way. After all who doesn’t appreciate a reformed bad boy who is a true romantic at heart, or a true underdog who is so defeated it’s hard to bring them back out of hiding?

Can’t wait to see who’s story comes next… Will it be Blane – who has been in love with Brit most of his life and is still coming to terms with her love for Stefan. Who will help him get over her….?



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