Sweet Southern Secrets (Georgia Peaches 1) – Colbie Kay, Chianti Summers

Dex Mitchell โ€“ college baseball phenom finds himself in need of some tutoring in order to remain on his team and keep his scholarship. He notices timid, withdrawn Callie Fisher in class, and is drawn to her. Has spent enough time observing her to know he wants her as his tutor.

From the first he is protective of her and gentle with her all at the same time. Making her trust him, which is is something she never thought she would be able to do. As a romance between them progresses, a serious wrench is thrown into their budding relationship. Instead of running away from each other the stand by each other and work together to doing whatโ€™s best for everyone. There is, however, a secret lurking between them that Callie is unaware of. Once she finds out thatโ€™s the last straw. Will Dex let her go forever, or will he fight for their future?

Really enjoyed is first installment of the Georgia Peaches. Looking forward to the next.



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